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We provide bail bonds to help get your friend or loved one out of a local detention center. These bonds ensure the court that the person will appear to stand trial.

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How Bail Works

Bail Bond Facts!

When an individual is arrested for a crime, the person is typically taken to a local detention facility for booking prior to incarceration in a lock-up station or county jail. Once arrested and booked, the defendant has several options for release pending the conclusion of his/her case.


The Bail system is designed to guarantee the timely appearance of a defendant in court. Bail is also a guarantee policy for the state that the defendant will appear to face charges. Further, the legal intent of release on Bail is not to relieve the defendant of obligations, it is the retention of control over the defendant to the end that justice might be administered.


If the defendant "skips", the cosigner is then responsible for the full amount of the bail. If the defendant is located within a certain amount of time and arrested by the bail enforcement agent the cosigner is then only responsible for all expenses the bail agent incurs while looking for the defendant. If you have questions regarding posting a bail bond for an inmate please call us 24 hours and speak directly with an agent.

  • A Bail Bond is deposited with a court to obtain the release of an arrested         person to ensure that the person will appear to stand trial.


  • Bail is guaranteed by the 8th and 14th Amendments to the

         United States Constitution. The founding fathers laid the basis for the

         Bail Industry in our Bill of Rights.


  • In 1998, private bail managed more than 2.5 million people through

         the criminal justice system in United States.


  • Private bail produces the appearance of more than 93% of its clients in

         court at time of trial and more that 99% ultimately. The Bail Agent is

         personally and financially responsible to the court.


  • Private bail helps keep our court systems running efficiently ensuring appearance.


  • Bail operates at no cost to the taxpayers. It is the original public/private partnership.


  • Professional bail agents are generally small business owners, running family

         owned companies. 45% of bail agents are women. There are very few    

         companies that are owned by women in this industry.


  • The authority of the states in which they operate licenses bail agents.

         While laws in each state may vary, there are specific criteria agents must

         meet in order to retain their licenses.


  • Recovery Agents are non-licensed independent agents. They specialize in

         the retrieval of "Skips", persons who have skipped bail, part of the one

         percent above.

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